How To Build Your Body In Precisely The Correct Way So You Can Guarantee Getting To The Next Level In One Piece.


Have you had pain from playing baseball?chalk2

Trying to prevent an injury from happening or from getting worse?

Throwing injuries in baseball have gone through the roof (it’s ridiculous!) and you can take steps to minimize injury by letting me show you what to do.

Why Not All Training Is Created Equal


If you have hopes and dreams of making it to the big leagues, or to the next level of your game, you NEED to rely on solid, proven evidence.

When you sift through and eventually find all the good strength training and rehabilitation evidence out there, it literally screams out what you should be doing.

It’s not really a secret, except that most people involved in the game today aren’t using or looking for this evidence.  Why?

Some aren’t looking because they think they know it all, and are sticking to what they’ve used in the past.  I’m hoping that most just don’t know where to look.


Here’s Where You Should Be Looking:


Have you ever had pain in your shoulder or elbow? Having it now? Trying to prevent it from happening? Here is 1 simple training method that you can use to take your pain away, so you can get back into the game.


One of the best ways to prevent injury from happening in the first place is from knowing the proper way to warm up and cool down…especially if you’ve already been injured. Read this.


Pitch counts are still a pretty big issue nowadays. Do you know what the updated guidelines are? Read this post on the pitch count guidelines to keep your son safe and legal, while playing the game. I’ll also give you my opinion on youth pitching injures and pitch types.


And there’s more to come…

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