How To Dominate Every Batter You Face And Become The Most Feared Pitcher In Your League.


Want to put more power behind your pitch, throw faster, minimize injury…and do this the shortest amount of time?chalk1

You’ll need a plan that is backed by proven evidence.

There are lots of workout routines available to you. But which one is the right one?

Just picking a combination of exercises to do for your lower body and shoulders isn’t going to be good enough.

 That’s why I’ve created this 4 part series to show you where you need to focus your time to throw bigger MPH to get the next level. It’s all been proven in the literature. This stuff = throwing faster, no joke. Don’t skip any of these short articles.


Introducing: The Throwing Harder 4 Part Series

In a concise way, I present all the scientific evidence that will allow you to throw harder, and skyrocket to the next level of baseball.

It all starts at the ground, and I tell you the two exercises you must do to create leg power to throw harder.


The core is so very important to the throwing motion, and often described as a whip. It needs to be flexible and powerful. I’ll explain how to make it whip faster so you can throw harder in no time.


This is a huge one; my expert opinion backed by evidence if you should or should not long toss. Some people love it, some despise it. I’ll lay it out plain and simple for you to decide.


Conditioning for baseball pitchers (and position players) has grown like a bad weed in the wrong direction. Most coaches have got this all wrong, and it destroys your velocity.


And there’s more to come…

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