Can Dr. Chris McKenzie, Sports Physical Therapist, Really Help You Optimize Your Baseball Potential, Minimize Injury Risk, Be More Explosive From The Mound, And Get You To The Next Level??


If you’re wondering what strength training exercises you must do to throw harder, you’re in the right place.


If you’re having or had pain from pitching, you’re also in the right place.


Here’s the deal:

You need the best, and most recent information you can get your hands on when it comes to conditioning yourself as a baseball pitcher.


The problem is that for someone not in the medical field, these research studies are hard to find, and sometimes even harder to correctly interpret.


Where do you go to find a simple, easy-to-understand breakdown of the latest and greatest pitcher training evidence?


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What other people say about Dr. McKenzie..

“Honest to goodness good sense from Dr. McKenzie, someone who knows and understands the physiology of the human anatomy. It all makes perfect sense and seems very logical.”   Ian Trott


“There is so much misinformation out there it is crazy. What you are advocating is the only way to add arm healthy velocity to your fastball. Most credible pitching coaches agree with your ideals. I just found your site and appreciate what you are doing.”    Darrell (former professional MLB pitcher)


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 About Dr. Chris McKenzie PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, PESDr. Chris McKenzie


Dr. Chris McKenzie, sports physical therapist, for 10yrs has specialized in throwing velocity improvement and the health of baseball pitchers. As a prior athlete he know what it feels like to have sh*tty rehab, and have his athletic dreams crushed.  In light of this, he has created a unique thrower examination which exposes every “weak” area on the pitcher. If left unaddressed, this causes poor throwing speed, and can lead to pain and injury. His clients are now excelling in collegiate & professional baseball and in youth programs nationwide. Dr. McKenzie’s ultimate goal is to help ensure pitchers get real results, and actually throw harder so their dreams come true, and also offer peace of mind to parents that they have given their child the best ability to have fun, and truly enhance their performance while minimizing the risk of injury.



During his unique examination process, Dr. McKenzie noticed that while players are slightly different in appearance and physical build, their “weak-link” areas were all the same.  In light of this, Dr. McKenzie writes easy to understand articles, and develops training programs to address these weak link areas to optimally prepare baseball pitchers for the elite level of competition. The evidence behind every piece of information he gives to you is based on research performed by physicians, physical therapists, strength coaches, and his own personal experiences.


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